Femtone Vaginal Training Devices

Femtones are the leading brand in vaginally training apparatuses for sexual well being. Of the current methodologies they are the only that can be recommended by doctors. The set of five incrementally weighted cones encourages the gradual strengthening of the PC Muscle and rewards the user of achieving increased levels of strength. Femtone weights are made in Italy and are carried by very few distributors in the United States. To encourage maximum hygiene they come with their own storage container, as well as strings for removal. They are made of ceramic and medical grade plastic, ensuring durability. They have been recommended by a number of experts and leaders in the field of vaginal training.

The Femtone vaginal weight set of five (5) training weights is available at
ShopInPrivate.com for $124.78 and comes with its own storage container and instructional DVD. ShopInPrivate.com has provided the rights to allow the publication of the DVD to KegelsForSex.com and can be viewed below.