Kegel Weights

Kegel Training with Vaginal Weights

Vaginal training devices have historically been used in Eastern cultures as tools for personal arousal. These tools have become adapted in the West and are known as Ben Wa Balls. Ben Wa Balls are a pair of small glass or stainless steel orbs that are inserted into the vagina can be stored throughout to provide a source of subtle stimulation. However retaining Ben Wa Balls inside of you also requires a small exertion by PC muscle so its also for a passive vaginal exercise. Consider them a form of yoga for the PC muscle.

The tradition of Ben Wa Balls carries on to vaginal weights and vaginal cones, which are designed specifically for PC muscle strengthening Kegel exercises. These vaginal weights can be made of stainless steel, medical grade plastic, ceramic, and other body safe materials. To incorporate them in your Kegel exercise routine, simply insert the weights into your vagina and hold them there while contracting the PC muscle.

Vaginal cones are a slight variation of vaginal weights. Designed for easier insertion vaginal cones also have attached strings for easier removal. The most highly regarded vaginal cone are Vagacare weights, which are approved as medical devices, as opposed to other vaginal weights which regarded as novelties. Vagacare weights are an arrangement of five equally sized, conic, vaginal weights of increasing heaviness. A Kegel exercise routine with Vagacare weights should begin with the lightest weight and progress to heaviest. Should the lightest fall out, perform Kegel exercises without weights, until your PC muscle is developed enough to hold it.